Dance Marbella SUMMER CAMP 2016

Dance school “DANCE MARBELLA”
Is reminding you that from the 27th of June we are starting our Dance Marbella SUMMER CAMP 2016!!!

❗️Duration : 1-2 weeks ( you can also bring your kid just for few days)

❗️Time: 12.00-16.00

❗️Age: 9-17 years old

❗️Place : nueva andalucia, AV. Manolete, 1
Comercial center “Centro Plaza”
Lower level , dance school “Dance Marbella”

❗️price: 1day – 25€ , 1 week – 100€ ( 25€ discount)

dance marbella summer camp 2016

❗️Timetable :
12.00-13.00 fitness ( different sports , Zumba, kickboxing, dance activities to get fit and strong )
13.00-13.45 stretching ( to get flexibility and relax the muscles after sport )

13.45-14.15 “Rotations” ( the special class of different kinds of turns to improve the balance and speed )

14.15-14.40 “Just Dance” – interactive dance game-competition

14.40-15.00 quick lunch ( kids bring with them some snacks / fruit/ nuts/ sandwich/water etc )

15.00-16.00 dance class ( every day we will have a new dance style with a great professional teacher , preparing interesting choreographies and learning new rhythms ) Hip hop , Jazz, Latina, funky, burlesque, cheerleading etc

Don’t miss a great possibility for your child to learn something new , get fit and strong, meet new friends!

We looking forward to  to see all of you!

✅If you are interested – please book in advance your place in a group ( it s limited)✅

For more info –

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