602099_201386773377470_1321586352_n Experts in the field of medicine have long demonstrated the beneficial effects of dancing on the physical development of children. Psychologists also agree ,  and say that the dancing contributes to a healthy mind.

Dancing -is a sport like any other, and it plays a very important role in adequate and harmonious development of kids and the formation of the human  personality.Besides, dance is an art – is the same as painting or music. All parents want their child to be involved in some kind of art. But what if the kid is  crazy about music or painting ?

There is a solution! Teach your little boy to dance , and as early as possible . He will love choreography and will be happy to dance. So, if you want your son  to both like sport and arts,  dancing – is the perfect combination. The common wisdom that dancing is mostly for girls, has become outdated. Now, more  and more mothers send their sons to dance lessons.

And what kind of dance do you would prefer: ballroom , pop or folk , it does not matter , let your child make the choice. Any kind of dance, without  exception, promotes proper physical and psychological development of man.

If you are still undecided about whether to teach your boy to dance , let’s analyze the pros of this sport. It’s not a secret that many students suffer from  scoliosis and bad posture, or more often parents are suffering, when they see how their child is sitting at her desk . Curvature of the spine – is a very  common problem in children.  Dancing and proper choreography helps straighten posture and scoliosis and in general is beneficial to the spine.

Plus dancing improve plasticity of the body, which contributes to the proper development of the internal organs. By the way, in its healing effect dance can be compared to such sports  as swimming or skiing.

Dance Marbella school

Dance Marbella school

Also dancing improves blood flow, which is very useful, especially for students who spend half of their day at a desk and are stiff in their movements. Dance moves train the heart muscle, which reduces occurrences of heart disease in the future. Basically dancing has only positive heath benefits in children.

In addition, this kind of exercise contributes to generating the so-called “hormone of happiness”, so your son’s mood will greatly improve, which is very good for the his harmonious development. Dancing develops a sense of rhythm, your child will feel the music and move correctly . One has to agree that men who know how to dance, have always attracted women. So when your son grows up, he will thank you, especially in events like a prom in high school.

Dance – is a way of self-expression. A child, especially when at a transitional age, is trying to find himself and realize something. Very often the boys find themselves in dance and express themselves through it. Dancing helps improve self esteem. Seclusion and secrecy, which affect all teenagers go away by themselves. Dance has a huge impact on the psychological development of the child. Boy finds confidence through communication in a team. And especially dancing in a couple, your son will not feel shy and unsecure when alone with a girl.

Dance – this is the perfect medicine for depression and shyness. And you know very well when boys suffer depression because of their extreme behaviors. You might help your little boy to get rid of all kinds of complexes. Normally boys are always very lively and energetic, and very often they just don’t know how to channel their energy, both positive and negative. Experts in child psychology say that if a child does not release his emotions, he feels uncomfortable, and it is often the source of  psychological problems.

Dance – is a great way to release all your emotions and a wise way to spend your energy. Another benefit for parents – after a dance lesson your son will feel a pleasant tiredness so that he does not need to waste his strength on silly behaviors. As a result, the child is happier and the parents enjoy his company.

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