Dance Marbella started the new dance season VERY succsesfully !

Last Weekend – 23-24 of September Dance Marbella was in Madrid , Guadalajara participating in 2 competitions !

dance marbella

dance marbella in Madrid

We are very proud that all our pupils have got great results:

Ivan and Ljudmila – got the 1st place both days ( although it was their 1st competition)

Rafael and Angela – were the 3rd ones in Senior III

our Danza Coreografica got 64,5 points and got the 1st place!!!

and also all the girls were participation in a new category for them – SINGLE LATINO !!!

Daniella – 1st place ( JUNIOR F) – both days

Daria Costanzo – 1st place ( JUVENIL F) – both days

Anna – 3rd and 2nd place ( JUVENIL F)

Daria Korneeva – 2nd and 3rd place ( JUVENIL F)

Sofiia – 5th and 6th place ( JUVENIL F)

Talia – 6th and 5th place ( JUVENIL F)

Dance Marbella Dance Marbella Dance Marbella

very very happy for you !!! keep working hard!

Dance Marbella

dance marbella

dance marbella in Madrid

dance marbella

dance marbella in Madrid