New competition in Madrid!

Dance Marbella started the new dance season VERY succsesfully !

Last Weekend – 23-24 of September Dance Marbella was in Madrid , Guadalajara participating in 2 competitions !

dance marbella

dance marbella in Madrid

We are very proud that all our pupils have got great results:

Ivan and Ljudmila – got the 1st place both days ( although it was their 1st competition)

Rafael and Angela – were the 3rd ones in Senior III

our Danza Coreografica got 64,5 points and got the 1st place!!!

and also all the girls were participation in a new category for them – SINGLE LATINO !!!

Daniella – 1st place ( JUNIOR F) – both days

Daria Costanzo – 1st place ( JUVENIL F) – both days

Anna – 3rd and 2nd place ( JUVENIL F)

Daria Korneeva – 2nd and 3rd place ( JUVENIL F)

Sofiia – 5th and 6th place ( JUVENIL F)

Talia – 6th and 5th place ( JUVENIL F)

Dance Marbella Dance Marbella Dance Marbella

very very happy for you !!! keep working hard!

Dance Marbella

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