here you can see our smallest group “BABY 1” at their first performance on the stage at Dance Marbella GRADUATION SHOW 2016 – children of 2-3 years old, who started dancing only few months ago…

they did really well !
proud of them!!!

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Dance school “DANCE MARBELLA” is happy to announce a lot of new different classes – JAZZ , Baby class ( from 3 years old), Sexy Cardio ( from 18 y o ), Pole dance and many others!!!
for children and adults !!!!
we have a lot of age groups :
– Baby 1 ( 2,5-3,5 years old)
– Baby 2 ( 4-5 y.o.)
– Kids 1 ( 5-6 years old)
– Kids 2 ( 7- 9 y.o.)
– TEENS ( 10 + )
– Adults

Different dance styles and rhythms ! modern and classical music !
great atmosphere and a lot of fun !!!! Make new friends and get your body ready for the summer !

Dance Marbella is happy to announce the new Baby Class for the LITTLE ONES ( boys and girls of 2-3 years old)!!!

It s a nice way to get your children move , MUCH MORE fun than ballet…

we do different exercises, playing games, learning how to count and move with the music, trying different styles and dances…
If you have a little very active kid – bring him to enjoy the music and moves with us!!!!

every Tuesday at 16.30
duration : 45 min
price : 10 euro
speaking English, Russian and Spanish.

for more info – please contact : +34661064468


It’s possible to find a beginner’s dance class for children as young as 2!!!
Dance Marbella is happy to invite you and your children to such classes…
And if your child enjoys dancing and feels secure enough to be away from you for half an hour or more, there’s no reason to wait.

At age 2, your little one might be ready to join “pre-dance” or creative movement classes designed for kids ages 2 to 3. These classes are fun, get kids moving to a beat, and let kids socialize with each other. They don’t, however, offer formal dance instruction.

Come and try our New BABY CLASS for children of 2-3 years old!

book in advance – +34661064468

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