Our pupils are presenting totally new dance style for them – spanish Pasodouble!!!
very emotional, fast and super difficult with different rhythms and a lot of contrasts

Well done girls!
at Dance Marbella Graduation Show , on the 11th of June
in Town hall of Benahavis

on Saturday , 11th of June, Dance school “DANCE MARBELLA” had their annual Show for the end of season 2015-2016!
14 dance shows were presented, more than 60 dancers took part, about 150 guests came to see us , we had great time all together!!!
here you cane see some pictures about oue event…
Enjoy !

group Kids 2 were presenting Cha-cha-cha dance “Let´s get loud” !


here you can see our smallest group “BABY 1” at their first performance on the stage at Dance Marbella GRADUATION SHOW 2016 – children of 2-3 years old, who started dancing only few months ago…

they did really well !
proud of them!!!


FESdance Marbella 2016

Dance Marbella, Marbella Dance,
El festival Fes Dance repite en Marbella tras el éxito de 2015

On the Sunday 13.03.2016, we were participating in the FES DANCE MARBELLA 2016!!!!!!!

3 choreographies!!! “KIDS2”, “TEENS” and “ADULTS”…

Great show, nice atmosphere, well done everyone!

proud of you AGAIN!

Dance Marbella

Our Dance Marbella girls at FES dance Marbella

Dance Marbella

Dance Marbella

Do you want your kid to be Healthy, Strong and Active?

Dance Marbella

Dance Marbella

The Many Positive Benefits of Kids Ballroom Dancing:

– Strong Discipline & Teamwork
– Builds Self-Esteem & Confidence
– Better Social Skills
– Teaches Proper Etiquette
– Respect for Themselves and Others
– Improves Coordination and Balance
– Encourages Creativity and Self-Expression
– Exercises the Mind & Body
– Most of all, it’s Fun & Exciting

Dance Marbella

we are inviting children of different ages ( from 3 till 16) to try the new kind of SPORT!!!

New season 2015-2016!!!

Dear pupils, parents and friends,
we remind you that the dance classes at our school will start from the 14th of September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for more info – please contact: +34661064468

Dance Marbella new season 2015-2016

Jazz class!!!

Dance Marbella students tried this new type of dance for the 1st time in their lives !!!

We are really proud of them , we know that it is very difficult and mostly danced by adults – but you did a great job !!!

marbella dance, Dance Marbella, dance school in Marbella, Marbella dance school,

Dance Marbella students´perfomance on the Bday party !!!
the BIRTHDAY girl Dasha with her mom specially prepared a show dance for the guests!!!

dance marbella, marbella dance, dance school in marbella, dance for children,

Bravo BIRTHDAY girl  – well done!!!

dance marbella, marbella dance
Dance Marbella pupils – Jake and Clara – had their 2nd competition today in Granada, Spain !!!
Well done guys , proud of you !
Getting more experience!!!!!!!!

 dancing at Dance Marbella

Working hard with our Hip Hop moves !

“KIDS 2” group – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16.30

Give your children opportunity to learn something new, happy and energetic !

dance Marella, Dance Marbella, Dance school in Marbella,

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11.00 at Dance Marbella!!!

for more info please contact: +34658962109

Look amazing, feel even better — what more can you ask for? This cardio-sculpting plan, perfect for any body, is the ultimate mind/body booster.

But there’s a more important reason to exercise: It makes you feel great. “Good mental health is just as important as good physical health, and exercise is crucial to getting both!!!”

at Dance Marbella

Hip Hop and Modern Dance classes

Hip Hop classes at “DANCE MARBELLA are inspired by urban culture and are very popular. Classes are designed to allow the students to let go and dance without being limited by rules of technique!

Classes are athletic and suitable for boys and girls, of all ages and levels. Learn the latest street dancing moves from NY & LA. Dancers will learn to how to control movements as well as get a work out!

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Modern dance places emphasis on exploring emotion and expressing personality through movement.

Dancers make use of steps from established forms of dance such as African and Latin dance, but also create and introduce their own moves to make performances more personal. Modern dance rejects the idea that dance must always be light and graceful, and encourages dancers to make the most of their body weight in order to express themselves.

Warming up is an important part of any dance (no one wants a nasty injury).

We finally have got the PICTURES from the 15th of March, where our pupils participated in the FESTIVAL of dance in Palacio de Congresos de Marbella. it was really great - a lot of schools , different styles ! We enjoyed it !!!!

We finally have got the PICTURES from the 15th of March, where our pupils participated in the FESTIVAL of dance in Palacio de Congresos de Marbella.
it was really great – a lot of schools , different styles ! We enjoyed it !!!!


Thank you again everyone , who was participating, who helped us and supported during all the preparations !!!


Yesterday Dance Marbella pupils has a great experience of dancing at FES DANCE ( Festival of Dancing in Marbella )!!!

Huge stage, 500 guests, 30 different dance schools, 50 shows…

“Girls – Masha, Sasha, Diana, Megi, Noelia, Jade and Yara – you did really well !!! Bravo!!!

Artem – was dancing Along (which means big responsibility) – and did it absolutely perfect!!!

Well done everyone! I am proud of you!!!!”


Dance Marbella Fes dance foto IMG_5783

dance, dancemarbella, dance marbella, dance school in marbella, marbella dance school, marbella dance, dancing in marbella,

Dance Marbella pupils -Jake and Clara – had their first competition of Latin American dances!!!
And they have got the 2nd place !
We are very happy and proud !

Bravo , our little starts !!!

P.S.: If you want your kid to learn how to dance , to start participating in the local and international competitions, to understand the music, rhythm and partnership !

You are very welcome to our PROFESSIONAL DANCE SPORT CLUB “Dance Marbella”!

Ballroom and Latin-American dances for kids, teens and adults !


The 1st competition of Jake and Clara

On the 1st of March our little couple  – Jake and Clara – went for the 1st time in their lives to the Dance Sport competition in Torremolinos, Spain.

We would like to say “BIG THANK YOU” to all the people who came to support us, to the parents of kids for their patience and time, and of course to our little starts for doing their best !
It was really great !

I am very happy  and proud!


Dance Marbella, dance marbella, dance sport club "DANCE MARBELLA", dance school in Marbella,


see more pics in our Photo gallery

DANCE MARBELLA offers dance and movement classes for children of all ages. Why not give your child the gift of dancing that they can enjoy their whole life long?
Children love to express themselves and ballroom dancing can be a fun and exciting part of your child’s weekly physical regiment.

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for more info please contact us:


BALLROOM and LATIN dance classes with a group “KIDS 1” ( 4-6 years old)
Always a lot of fun !!!

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