Dance Marbella getting motivated at Dance Marbella school

in a week Dance Marbella students are going to perform on the Big Stage !!!

Don´t miss the opportunity to see our 53 participants …

Come and support us at Palacio de Congresses Marbella

Dance Marbella is inviting you to the new dance season 2016-2017!!!
We are getting ready for it!!!
And you?
Join us at our dance studio to get new friends , have fun and prepare for the competitions and festivals!

Dance Marbella

Yesterday Dance Marbella hosted the very famouse Spanish Judge WDSF – Siscu Perez !
our pupils had great opportunity to have several our of seminar and some private classes with this amazing teacher!!!

looking forward to see you very soon, Siscu!
thanx for everything!

Dance Marbella