5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Ballroom Dance

If the title of this article got your attention, you have probably thought of taking your child to a ballroom dance studio. But, if you feel that you are lacking information or “effectiveness” of this sport activity, let me make it easier for you…
Here are a few on point statements on why your child should definitely get involved in ballroom dancing:

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Dance Marbella

Music & Movement

I’d like to start this off from the roots. Do you remember the first time you heard music? Of course you do! You have heard the beat, the melody, a singing voice perhaps. It might have sounded strange at first, but it was so irresistible. Then, there was no explanation to your further actions. You started moving your body, wiggled your hands and legs, and I bet you were smiling too. The best part of this, all of it was natural.
From birth, everyone has the natural feel for music. We can dance to, pretty much, anything. However, if our dance is lacking structure, it will look repetitive, a bit primitive and probably chaotic. The core of ballroom dancing is based entirely on structure, which almost instantly gets applied to music. With practice and some help from instructors, your child will not only develop a stronger inner feel for music, but will be able to apply their moves to it. Not to mention, that it will be done with a partner.

Body Development

You can spot a ballroom dancer from far. A bit of loftiness, flow of movement, and the most commonly noticeable factor – The Posture. “But, Ballet also has The Posture” you might object. True. But, there is an obvious flow in directional movement to a ballroom dancer, which may not be noticed in a ballet dancer. To give you an example: it is fascinating to watch a ballroom dancer go through a crowded place. Since floor craft is trained from an early age, you probably will not see them collide with anyone. Besides, ballroom dancing has a much higher contrast in movement. From slow and continuous to sharp and static. Try running for a minute and a half, make a sudden stop to catch a quick breath, then run faster for another minute and a half. Oh, and while you’re at it, keep your hands to the sides and don’t drop them down, and do it all to the music with a partner. Got the picture?

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Dance Marbella

Art & Culture

Dancing is bodily expression to music. Regardless, if a dancer does choreography or improvises.(which, essentially, means the same thing, since improv is a choreography broken down and danced in a chaotic pattern). In case of ballroom dancing, expression to music happens with a partner. The culture behind every ballroom dance has been developed over the years, which means, your child will be exposed to some history. Of course, the cultural and historical details for each dance will vary depending on the amount of knowledge of the instructor, but generally, the idea of each dance will be clear. The beginning of the learning process will be strict and bold (“This is Cha Cha, it’s coming from Cuba, and this is how you do it…”), but further into the future, more emphasis will be put into the character of each dance, and the expression it could be danced with.

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Dance Marbella

Mutual Love & Respect

We live in a society where violence is not permissive. And, indeed, this is how it should be. But, unfortunately, it seems that mass media promotes more violence, while trying to prevent it. In the age of technology and easy-to-reach information, with the graphical content that accompanies it, we are aware of bad news much sooner, and our children are no exception. At early age common sense and rationality are at early stages of development, thus everything your child sees is taken “As Is”. Which means,
So, how can ballroom dancing help to promote peace? Easy! Lead by Example.
In 1994, Pierre Dulaine, a ballroom dancer founded Dancing Classrooms, a non-for-profit with a mission to use the vocabulary of ballroom dance to cultivate the positive feelings that are inherent in every child. Kids are required to partner up, learn different dances together and eventually showcase at a local dance competition. Later, Pierre took the project to his home-country – Jaffa, Israel, where children of long-term enemies – Jews and Arabs, had to learn how to dance together. The results where quite fascinating.

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Dance Marbella

Dreams and Goals

Thinking back, almost every kid I have met in the dance industry wanted to become a champion. Some have stuck to their grandé dreams and reached their goals. Some had smaller goals and did their best to achieve them. It is fascinating to observe the physical and emotional involvement of all – the kids, parents and coaches. And with hard work, to see the dream come true in reality, right in front of you, as a work of art… Always inspirational!

So, you still question if your kids should Ballroom Dance?

Teenagers from Dance Marbella presenting their “JIVE ” at the Dance Festival “Unidos por el baile”

Don´t miss the opportunity for your kids to learn this one and many other dances at DANCE MARBELLA SUMMER CAMP 2015

for more info – please contact us : +34661064468



 dancing at Dance Marbella

Working hard with our Hip Hop moves !

“KIDS 2” group – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 16.30

Give your children opportunity to learn something new, happy and energetic !

Hip Hop and Modern Dance classes

Hip Hop classes at “DANCE MARBELLA are inspired by urban culture and are very popular. Classes are designed to allow the students to let go and dance without being limited by rules of technique!

Classes are athletic and suitable for boys and girls, of all ages and levels. Learn the latest street dancing moves from NY & LA. Dancers will learn to how to control movements as well as get a work out!

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Modern dance places emphasis on exploring emotion and expressing personality through movement.

Dancers make use of steps from established forms of dance such as African and Latin dance, but also create and introduce their own moves to make performances more personal. Modern dance rejects the idea that dance must always be light and graceful, and encourages dancers to make the most of their body weight in order to express themselves.

Warming up is an important part of any dance (no one wants a nasty injury).

The 1st competition of Jake and Clara

On the 1st of March our little couple  – Jake and Clara – went for the 1st time in their lives to the Dance Sport competition in Torremolinos, Spain.

We would like to say “BIG THANK YOU” to all the people who came to support us, to the parents of kids for their patience and time, and of course to our little starts for doing their best !
It was really great !

I am very happy  and proud!


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see more pics in our Photo gallery

DANCE MARBELLA offers dance and movement classes for children of all ages. Why not give your child the gift of dancing that they can enjoy their whole life long?
Children love to express themselves and ballroom dancing can be a fun and exciting part of your child’s weekly physical regiment.

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BALLROOM and LATIN dance classes with a group “KIDS 1” ( 4-6 years old)
Always a lot of fun !!!

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Our little starts ( 2,5 – 3,5 years old)

Baby class at Dance Marbella every Thursday at 16.30!!!

Through movement games, different dance rhythms and songs, little ones will have a chance to learn more about how their bodies can move, from the fun perspective of dance.

These little angels made my day !!!
Love working with them …
“KIDS 1 ” group

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Dance Marbella kids classes

Call and Book your place at our NEW  unique  classes for adults!!!


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Stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion in your joints. Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively.

Stretching also increases blood flow to the muscle. And you may come to enjoy the ritual of stretching before or after hitting the trail, ballet floor or soccer field.

Hip Hop !!!

These classes teach a fast-paced, high-energy “MTV-style” dance. After a short warm-up, class will focus on learning aerobic dance combinations done to pop and hip-hop music. Wear sneakers and be prepared to sweat!

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Hip Hop classes for children at DANCE MARBELLA

for children of the age 4-6 Dance Sport Club DANCE MARBELLA have different types of dances : Samba, Hip hop, Cha cha cha, Waltz etc.
Your kids are gonna love the way we teach – a lot of games, and activities, amazing emotions and fun !!!
come and join up at DSC DANCE MARBELLA

phone : +34661064468

address :
Centro Plaza, M 9, Nueva Andalucia, 29660 Marbella, Spain

kids 1 group ( 4-6 y.o.)- Monday , Wednesday, Friday at 16.30

kids 2 group ( 7+) – Monday , Thursday at 17.30
Saturday at 17.00

Teens ( 10 +) – Monday , Thursday at 19.00
and Saturday at 11.30

for more info – please call +34661064468

— at Dance Marbella.

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Adult Classes at Dance Marbella !!!

Great opportunity for all the mums of our students and new clients to try incredible world of dancing and to enjoy intensive workout under great latin-american music of Samba , Cha cha cha and so on.

We already have many parents of the children , who came once and now can´t spot dancing!!! 🙂

Join us every Wednesday and Friday at 12.15 at Dance Marbella.

Adult classes at Dance Marbella

Adult classes at Dance Marbella


From the September 2014 we start our new season at Dance Marbella , where you can find a lot of NEW interesting types of dances, such as MODERN DANCE, BALLET, FUNKY DANCE etc. and of course our favorite previous courses of Latin dancing ( Samba, Cha cha cha, Rumba etc.) ; Hip hop; Fitness ( Booty camp) ; Pole dancing and Ballroom (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot etc.)


We believe in encouraging and supporting our dance students at every phase of their dance development. We help our dance students to achieve their dance goals at their own rhythm, and we teach all of our dance classes in a style that is clear, supportive, and fun. We love to dance, and we love to teach.

Graduation Party 2014

14th of June we had an amazing time all together with Dance Marbella students, their families and our friends!!! this summer graduation Party was fantastic: a lot of different dances, interesting shows, fun, happiness, medals, diplomas, disco etc… All the students were working very hard during all the year and the result was unbelievably good!!!  Congratulations to all of you who have got the prices ! You made our day !!! i´m very PROUD OF EVERYONE!!!


dance marbella graduation party!!!

Summer Performance!!!

Less then 1 month left till our Summer performance!
Don´t lose the opportunity to see WHAT our student prepared!!!

A lot of fun, excellent mood and fantastic dancing of all ages!dance Marbella, dancemarbella, dancemarbella.com


Looking for activities for your kids that have lifetime benefits? Teach them how to dance and interact with others and give your child one of the best life skills they will ever have! Your child will build confidence, make new friends, create memories, learn manners and social skills, exercise and most importantly – have a great time! We offer many different classes and levels for your child individual needs and desires for ages three and up, in a variety of partner dancing.

Dance Sport Club "DANCE MARBELLA"

Dance Sport Club “DANCE MARBELLA”


Dance Marbella

Dance Sport Club “DANCE MARBELLA” presents – Voucher for 1 or several dance classes for 20, 50 or 100 euro!
Make an unbelievable present to your friend, kid, parent, wife or husband!!!