Dance Marbella teachers — feeling proud in Bilbao, Spain.

This weekend , 26-27 of november, our little starts Anatoly and Fjordess went to Bilbao to participate in the competition “TROFEO VILLA DE BILBAO” and they WON IT!!!!!

it was a great progress and a nice surprise to get the 1st place in such a big competition!

we are very happy and proud of them!










Our pupils are presenting totally new dance style for them – spanish Pasodouble!!!
very emotional, fast and super difficult with different rhythms and a lot of contrasts

Well done girls!
at Dance Marbella Graduation Show , on the 11th of June
in Town hall of Benahavis

on Saturday , 11th of June, Dance school “DANCE MARBELLA” had their annual Show for the end of season 2015-2016!
14 dance shows were presented, more than 60 dancers took part, about 150 guests came to see us , we had great time all together!!!
here you cane see some pictures about oue event…
Enjoy !

group Kids 2 were presenting Cha-cha-cha dance “Let´s get loud” !

here you can see our smallest group “BABY 1” at their first performance on the stage at Dance Marbella GRADUATION SHOW 2016 – children of 2-3 years old, who started dancing only few months ago…

they did really well !
proud of them!!!

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Dance school “DANCE MARBELLA” is happy to announce a lot of new different classes – JAZZ , Baby class ( from 3 years old), Sexy Cardio ( from 18 y o ), Pole dance and many others!!!
for children and adults !!!!
we have a lot of age groups :
– Baby 1 ( 2,5-3,5 years old)
– Baby 2 ( 4-5 y.o.)
– Kids 1 ( 5-6 years old)
– Kids 2 ( 7- 9 y.o.)
– TEENS ( 10 + )
– Adults

Different dance styles and rhythms ! modern and classical music !
great atmosphere and a lot of fun !!!! Make new friends and get your body ready for the summer !

FESdance Marbella 2016

Dance Marbella, Marbella Dance,
El festival Fes Dance repite en Marbella tras el éxito de 2015

On the Sunday 13.03.2016, we were participating in the FES DANCE MARBELLA 2016!!!!!!!

3 choreographies!!! “KIDS2”, “TEENS” and “ADULTS”…

Great show, nice atmosphere, well done everyone!

proud of you AGAIN!

Dance Marbella

Our Dance Marbella girls at FES dance Marbella

Dance Marbella

Dance Marbella

Halloween dance Party 2015

on the 29th and 30st of october our dance school “DANCE MARBELLA” had annual Halloween party ! Everyone came with increadible costumes and we really had a lot of fun , scary music, horrors , monster dance and , of course; PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you , everyone , for your great mood and presence.

Do you want your kid to be Healthy, Strong and Active?

Dance Marbella

Dance Marbella

The Many Positive Benefits of Kids Ballroom Dancing:

– Strong Discipline & Teamwork
– Builds Self-Esteem & Confidence
– Better Social Skills
– Teaches Proper Etiquette
– Respect for Themselves and Others
– Improves Coordination and Balance
– Encourages Creativity and Self-Expression
– Exercises the Mind & Body
– Most of all, it’s Fun & Exciting

Dance Marbella

we are inviting children of different ages ( from 3 till 16) to try the new kind of SPORT!!!

this Monday we start our TEENAGERS class with different styles of dances !!!

Give your kid a great opportunity to be healthy, sporty and elegant! to get fit and flexible ! to find more friends and stop to be shy!!!



New season 2015-2016 coming…

Dance Marbella new season

Don´t forget already next Monday (14 of September) we start our new DANCE SEASON at Dance Marbella!!!

Looking forward to see everyone back after summer holidays and of course WELCOME to the new lovers of dance!

Let´s continue to improve our skills and enjoy new rhythms, music and dance styles…

at Dance Marbella

for more info – please contact +34661064468

Dance Marbella summer camp 2015, Marbella Dance , Dance Marbella school, Marbella Dance School,

This July we had an amazing experience with Dance Marbella SUMMER CAMP 2015 !

12 day of fun, joy and dance !!!

Thanx for everyone who joined us !!!

Dance Marbella summer camp 2015, Dance Marbella school, Marbella Dance School,

Dance Marbella summer camp 2015, Marbella school, Marbella Dance School, Dance Marbella, Dance Marbella school,

Dance Marbella summer camp 2015, Marbella dance, Dance Marbella, Dance Marbella school, Marbella Dance school,

more pictures HERE !

Jazz class!!!

Dance Marbella students tried this new type of dance for the 1st time in their lives !!!

We are really proud of them , we know that it is very difficult and mostly danced by adults – but you did a great job !!!

BABY CLASS – a group of 3 year old kids from Dance Marbella school presenting a cute dance “Little bees” on dance festival UNIDOS POR EL BAILE

If you would like your little girl or boy to enjoy the world of dance , to feel the rhythm and the music , to express him/herself – you are more than welcome to Dance Marbella baby class

for more info – please contact : +34661064468

Ballroom for kids

Dance lessons teach children respect and discipline. It helps to build social awareness in children, so they not only learn how to dance; they also learn how to respect one another. The maturity necessary to dance together fosters respect, civility, teamwork, cooperation, confidence and a sense of joy, accomplishment and achievement.

at Dance Marbella

Preparing for the GRADUATION Party 2015 in June group - KIDS 1

Preparing for the GRADUATION Party 2015 in June
group – KIDS 1

Through experiential learning, they learn valuable life skills and lessons of self-discovery, self-expression, and
self-confidence. Their posture and confidence improves and awkwardness is replaced with physical grace & poise.

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Dance Marbella students´perfomance on the Bday party !!!
the BIRTHDAY girl Dasha with her mom specially prepared a show dance for the guests!!!

dance marbella, marbella dance, dance school in marbella, dance for children,

Bravo BIRTHDAY girl  – well done!!!

Dance Marbella pupils – Jake and Clara – for the 1st time dancing Pasodoble !!!
really difficult dance for kids of 6 and 7 years old…

If you want your children to start dancing – please find more info and contact us on